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AlterNet Smears King Street Patriots

Here’s AlterNet’s actual headline on their empty story:

Scott Walker Imports Voter Suppression Thugs In Wisconsin Recall

Oooh, that sounds horrible! Who are these “voter suppression thugs”? The Black Panthers, who were actually captured on video trying to intimidate actual voters back in 2008? Well, no.


On Monday morning, Walker spokeswoman Ciara Matthews announced “we are not filing any specific challenges to any specific signatures today,” which led to a flurry of articles repeating the claim. Monday was the deadline for Walker to file challenges to the recall petitions. “That put us in an impossible timeline,” she said.

Walker’s filing with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board says his campaign has only been able to evaluate around 350,000 signatures, far short of the 540,000 minimum necessary for a recall.

However, Walker also asked the Boar to take into account the findings of the “Verify the Recall” initiative, a joint project between the Houston-based nonprofit “True the Vote” and the Wisconsin Tea Party groups, Grandsons of Liberty, and We The People of the Republic. However, it now appears that Walker and others are working to distance themselves from “True the Vote” and its parent group, the King Street Patriots.

KSP should be familiar to readers here. Based out of Houston, the group saw a widespread problem — voter fraud — and they have sought to correct it by training folks around the country how to spot and report voter fraud. They’ve been very effective, and now liberals smear them with lines like the one in the quote above about how KSP has been “accused of voter suppression.” Those doing the accusing are, most likely, engaged in voter fraud or at least turning a blind eye to it. That includes the criminal enterprise once known as ACORN and the Holder Department of Justice. In Wisconsin, KSP are doing the job the progressives within the state government don’t seem to be interested in, by auditing the recall petitions to verify the signatures on them. They’re posting what they find on their web site, and asking the state to look into their findings.


That’s it. Verifying that signatures on a petition to recall the duly elected governor (for carrying out his campaign promises, no less) now constitutes “voter suppression” in the minds of the leftists at AlterNet.

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