Watch the Other Hand

I happened to be looking up something else today, and came across a PJM article of mine from just about two years ago, called “Obama’s Stage Magic“.


Here’s what I said:

Watch the other hand. Since the administration took over, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has canceled oil-drilling leases on wide areas of the U.S. that already have known reserves, and the Obama administration is seriously considering making even more of the American West inaccessible for oil production — and lots of other uses — by declaring millions of acres as national monuments. ANWR, with well-known oil reserves, is out, but other areas in Alaska are being opened … for exploration. In fact, even this announcement included the Department of the Interior canceling already pending sales in Alaska so that the areas involved could be made available for exploratory studies. (Got that? The administration canceled pending lease sales and “opened” the area for exploration.)

Just thought it was interesting, now that Obama is claiming that his administration has massively increased oil production and that it’s the nasty old Republicans who canceled the Keystone XL pipeline.


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