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Polls: ObamaCare is a Big Problem for Obama

Over the weekend, I was honored to get to speak before Virginia Lt. Gov. Bob Bolling and a fantastic gathering at the Hanover County Republican Committee meeting near Richmond. I like to end things on a high note, and with all the infighting we’ve seen in the GOP primary this year, thought it would be worth engaging in a little bit of political math. So I tossed out three numbers — 50, 22 and 92 — and showed that when 50 is the number of registered voters who believe Obama’s presidency is a failure, just 22 percent believe that the country is on the right track, and gas prices have gone up 92% since Obama’s inauguration, those numbers add up to the sum of Jimmy Carter. One term for the Bamster. Those numbers are all current as of the middle of last week. That 92, though, may be 94 or more by now.

Well, let’s add a bit more to the political math. In the swing states, Gallup and Rasmussen find majorities still opposed to ObamaCare. And the older the voter, the more likely they are to oppose it. Older voters vote more reliably than younger voters. Rasmussen even phrased O-care about as favorably as they could, describing it as “free health care for all Americans.” The survey’s respondents weren’t fooled — nullum prandium gratuitum — and just 39% support ObamaCare when described that way. In Gallup’s poll, both Romney and Santorum currently lead Obama in several swing states. The president keeps selling his albatross as a free gift, but only voters who haven’t been around long enough to know the maxim about free lunches are likely to fall for Obama’s trick. And ObamaCare doesn’t even win an outright majority among voters under 30.

So 50+22+92+51=Jimmy Carter. This election is by no means a done deal, but history is against Obama’s re-election.