MSM Dutifully Falling In Line For Obama

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Yes, this is ostensibly a profile of David Plouffe, the man who made up all the nonexistent fairy tale themes that people had to vote for in 2008 because the man running for president had an anemic résumé. Predictably, it has a fawning, high school girl “scribbling in her Trapper Keeper” feel to it. Plouffe has no apparent flaws beyond being hyper-competitive in a touch football game.


However, like so many hundreds (thousands) of pieces we will see in the coming months from the MSM, it is really about creating and controlling a narrative. As it is still several months before the general election, this particular article isn’t too heavy-handed. But it does draw the chalk lines for what the Obama team hopes will be the rhetorical playing field.

But people inside Mr. Obama’s political apparatus say Mr. Plouffe is most in tune with the president’s thinking in terms of his unsparing focus on the middle class and his abandonment of the bipartisan bridge-building efforts that have mostly failed through his first term.

“Unsparing focus”. “Bipartisan bridge-building efforts”. Ladies and gentlemen, you now have a meme: President Obama cares and those mean Republicans are keeping him from making all of that caring a reality.

The marching orders have been issued by the official media mouthpiece of the Democrats. Pay attention to how many minions begin running with them now.


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