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Gallup: Obama has Lost Five Approval Points in a Week

High gas prices to blame? I’m not so sure.

What’s happened in the past week? One, we’ve seen what looks like the start of an early gas price spike, at a time when the president is visibly militating against the XL Pipeline. A majority supports building the XL, rightly seeing it as one of many things we need to do as a nation to stabilize our fuel source. To the extent that the public is aware that Obama’s spurning of the Canadian deal has driven our ally into the arms of the Chinese, can’t be helping him. To the extent that Obama is seen to be doing nothing useful in the fact of the threats from Iran, threats that are contributing to the gas price rise, also can’t be helping him.

The president has also released a budget, but everyone knows that it’s already DOA in Congress. Most of the press that budget has gotten has been negative, and its release has reminded America that he promised to halve the deficit by now and has not just failed — he has made the deficit far worse.

But also in the past week, the president has turned his administration into a regime with the abortifacient mandate. That mandate may be the most significant and irresponsible power grab since FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court. Barack Obama ran in 2008 promising to be a uniter who would cross the aisles to work with the other side. In the abortifacient mandate, he has used his unpopular health care law to push rules that were never voted on and would not have passed Congress on their own. He has promoted that policy with obvious lies that insult the attentive American’s intelligence. He has picked a fight with church leaders, but more importantly, put himself on the wrong side of the Constitution’s protections of religious freedoms. The Democrats have tried to spin the reaction to the mandate as a “war on women,” but the polls suggest that that tactic isn’t working. Lately the president isn’t governing, on the XL Pipeline and increasingly on the mandate, with the consent of the governed.