Netanyahu: Sanctions on Iran Aren't Working

While much of the conservative blogosphere debates the lengths of skirts at CPAC, there may be a war brewing:

While in Nicosia, Netanyahu also addressed the Iranian nuclear threat, saying the sanctions imposed by the international community on the Islamic Republic “are not working.”

Iran is the most irresponsible force in the world. I hope the sanctions will have an effect, but so far they have not. We are dealing with a regime that violates every resolution and has no respect for international standards,” the Israeli premier said.

“Iran’s race towards nuclear weapons should concern the US and every other country. Nuclear arms in the hands of such a regime is a cause for great concern to the US and Israel.”

Netanyahu and his wife Sarah landed in Cyprus in the morning hours for a one-day visit aimed at boosting cooperation between Jerusalem and Nicosia in the fields of energy, agriculture, health and maritime research.


Israel and Cyprus also signed an agreement on search and rescue, after a similar agreement between Israel and Turkey was scuttled due to rising tensions between the former allies. Cyprus is off the coast of Lebanon and not far from Syria. Iran has stepped up its nuclear program this week while continuing to threaten to close off the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran has also threatened to cut off its oil to the EU. The EU, weakened by its own economic mess, is brushing off that threat.


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