A Romney Warning From Across The Pond

That’s gonna leave a mark.

As one who long ago wearied of anything passing for journalism in the United States, I enjoy reading many British publications, even the liberal ones, because they don’t feign objectivity. They just, as the kids say, bring it.


Let’s get one thing clear: Obama unquestionably ranks among the bottom five presidents in US history. In terms of sublime awfulness he’s right up there with our late and extremely unlamented ex-PM Gordon Brown – which is quite some doing, given that Brown singlehandedly wrought more destruction on his country than the Luftwaffe, Dutch Elm Disease, the South Sea Bubble, the Fire of London and the Black Death combined.

Yet our intrepid conservative friend from overseas is still pulling for The Lightbringer come November. Why, oh why?

So why do I think this would be preferable to a presidency under Mitt Romney? Simple. Because I’ve seen what happens, America, when you elect yet another spineless, yet ruthless, principle-free blow-with-the-wind, big government, crony-capitalist RINO squish. His name is Dave Cameron – and trust me, the cure is far worse than the disease.

Personally, I don’t use the term “RINO” but am a HUGE fan of “squish”.

There are ongoing arguments on the right here between longtime activists like myself and people relatively new to the heated day-to-day battles of politics. The major difference is that those of us dealing with it all day, every day don’t think in terms of one election. We’re looking at long-term objectives as well, a subject which Delingpole addresses rather clearly and concisely.

Yes, of course, conservative/libertarian America, I fully understand how desperate you are to rid yourself of the POTUS from hell. But what you need to ask yourselves – and I don’t believe many of you are: you’re a bit like an hysterical woman who’s just had a tarantula drop on top of her in the bath, you just want to GET RID OF IT NOW! – is what ultimately you’re trying to achieve.
I’m presuming what you really want is stuff like: smaller government; a genuine – as opposed to an illusory, QE-driven – economic recovery; sensible environmentalism (ie conservation but not eco-fascism); liberty; an end of crony capitalism; a diminution of the power of Wall Street; a resurgence of American greatness; a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.
You’re not going to get any of that from a Romney administration.


The newer people often ask me what my solution is. There isn’t one for this presidential cycle. That’s why, since early last year (and I’m on record), I’ve been saying that the focus should be winning the Senate and strengthening numbers in the House. Then, as Sarah Palin said last week at CPAC, it’s time to start putting Tea Party conservatives in leadership positions.

There is no easy fix. That doesn’t mean we should give up.

It also doesn’t give us an excuse to pretend.


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