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Why Did Oliver Stone's Son Convert to Islam?

Agence France Press reported yesterday that Oliver Stone’s son Sean converted to Islam in Iran. AFP made an error in its report, however, by asserting that the famed director is Jewish. Judaism is matrilineal and only Stone’s father is Jewish. His mother – ironically, given the nationality of the press agency – is French and Catholic.

But never mind. The question remains why would Stone’s son convert to Islam? A conventional answer might be the oft-cited links now between Islamism and leftism. But there may be another reason: Islam’s attitude towards women. Stone pere has been married three times, but his reputation as womanizer (and, to some, misogynist) extends far beyond that paltry number. Perhaps his son, in the tradition of the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, was seeking opportunities via Islam his father never had: simultaneous marriages, “temporary” marriages, divorce laws tilted notoriously in favor of men, etc.