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Obama Campaigns On Payroll Tax Cut

Was it only yesterday that I said the following?

So, President Obama gets everything he wanted, courtesy of Boehner and the House GOP leadership. He gets a payroll tax cut he can–and almost certainly will–use on the campaign trail, without having to give even any “cut in the rate of growth” cuts, much less any real spending cuts.


Yep, it was. And, lo and behold:

Building on momentum and saying “the fight is beginning to turn our way,” President Obama on Tuesday urged voters to keep pressuring Congress to pass the payroll tax cut as time runs out on an extension.

Speaking at the White House, Obama used an airplane analogy when describing the economy’s recent uptick, but acknowledged “we’re not at cruising altitude yet” and Congress shouldn’t pull the plug before that happens.

“The last thing we need is for Washington to stand in our way,” Obama said. “And first and foremost that means Washington shouldn’t hike taxes on working Americans right now. That’s the wrong thing to do. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen at the end of this month, in a couple of weeks, if Congress doesn’t do something about it.”

Thanks, Speaker Boehner. You gave the President a talking point he’ll use from now till November.

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