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What I Want In (and From) a Presidential Candidate

Let’s try this another way. I have for months sounded the alarm that this field fell short, far short, of the minimal standards we should demand from the Party that is the only one left to represent us, in the most important election of our lifetimes.


For months, I have relentlessly argued for a brokered convention, to finally…finally, get reasonable people to agree that the only rational solution, is nothing less than a complete course correction.

In a two part series, What I Want In a Presidential Candidate in Part ! and What I Don’t Want In a Presidential Candidate in Part !!.

You are free to want something entirely different. However, if it is extremely unlikely that we can change each other’s minds about WHAT to want., then we are NEVER going to change each other’s minds about who we want.

These are the groundrules. Positive qualities only in this section. Negative qualities only in the next section.

1. I want someone who will take back the White House.

2. I want someone who understands the core threat of small c communism.

3. I want someone who is well versed in everything that Stanley Kurtz outlined in his book Radical-in-Chief and can therefore make the nexus between plans, plots and purpose therein, to all that has transpired in the last three years.

4. I want someone to recognize the danger of where Greece is today, the EU is today and how they got there.

5. I want someone who can articulate the problems of the “gifts” of socialism that are wrapped by small c communists with pretty ribbons and frilly coverings, paid for with a credit card that was maxed out 30 years ago.


6. I want someone who will protect my children and grandchildren when I am gone, with a government that does not intend to keep stealing their future from them, to build a socialist sand castle in the sky.

7. I want someone who is willing to articulate the argument that small c communists are hiding behind “populism” and an Inversion Narrative that is phony, and intentionally so.

8. I want someone who is facile with language, ideas and promotion of “my arguments”, so that we are not always losing the “messaging war”.

9. I want someone who can take on the propaganda machine, expose their lies, distortion and hypocrisy…and is willing to do so.

10. I want someone who understands Presidential comportment, demeanor, grace, elegance and wit…and uses them to make points, not to score them.

11. I want someone who comes to his decisions through sound reasoning and strong analysis, so that he is not flitting from idea to idea and does not have to change them…to fit a new audience.

12. I want someone who has a visceral loyalty to America and does not seek to blame her for the actions of our enemies.

13. I want someone who loves our men and women in uniform and appreciates what they do, in the event they are asked to do it.


14. I want someone who understands that our allies deserve our loyalty as well.

15. I want someone who treats loyalty, honor, allegiance as guiding principles of how they lead by example, ..not as slogans to be trotted out in campaigns and on the 4th of July.

16. I don’t mind flaws or frailties, because every human has them. However, I would like to be lead by someone admirable, genuine, and yes, I look at those who surround them to see if there is a pattern.

17. I would like someone who is guided by principles of conviction, not of convenience.

18. I am absolutely ok with a faith-based candidate, however one who knows and understands the line across which a President would be pandering, promoting or proselytizing.

19. I want someone who wants to serve this nation, not transform it in his image.

20. I want a President who understands, in the end, it’s not about him…it’s about us.

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