What I Don't Want In A Presidential Candidate (Part II)

The ground rules here are to list the negative things I would like to avoid in a candidate.

I’m not looking for someone “perfect”. Or someone that has to pass an all encompassing “purity” test. I just put the balance of positives and negatives on the scales and weigh them.


Some items are more important to me. If I believe you can’t beat Obama, that’s a disqualifier, for instance. If I believe you can’t articulate a clear sentence, I weigh that heavily against you. If I don’t believe a word you say, no matter how nice sounding, I won’t endorse your candidacy. If I think your “posse” includes neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, white supremacists….you’re toast with me.

What I don’t want in a presidential candidate are the following:

1) I don’t want someone attacks America as a foundational platform.

2) I don’t want someone who attacks the free market, capitalism for cheap political gain.

3. I don’t want to be lectured on how to morally live my life by someone who can’t lead by example.

4. My faith is a private matter, I don’t want to be converted to another faith. Lead and I may follow. Push, and expect pushback.

5. If you are blaming America for all the actions of her enemies, you are not fit to lead her or be Commander in Chief of her armies.

6. If you can’t string two sentences together without getting lost in a haze of rambling idiocy, you can’t speak as leader of the free world.

7. If you can’t comport yourself with dignity, grace, elegance, and stand above the deranged frittering of fanatical and rabid internet trolls, you are fit only to join them, not lead them.


8. If you think you are bigger than the presidency itself, than the country or its people, you are too delusional to lead any of them.

7. If you flutter from idea to idea with no grounding, no baseline, no stability, you are a danger to yourself and others if placed into a position of power. You will take yourself and us down an erratic and irrational path too often.

8. If you don’t understand the threat of a radicalized DOJ, the ACORN/SEIU dangers, the NLRB assault on the free market, the dangers of border crashing and organized crime that results from it, the unsustainable path of overloading the system with entitlement gunk…you can’t lead the country.

9. If you are afraid to take on the propaganda machine, you can’t possibly be brave enough to do the rest of the job necessary to carry the message forward.

10. You can change your mind, every rational person does…when presented with new evidence. It’s how often and for what reason that matters more. If you are constantly changing your mind, you aren’t making enough reasoned decisions in the first place.

11. If you are still promoting global warming hoaxes, you are completely lost on the issue and can’t see the dangerous hand of “redistribution” behind it. If you were once for it…and have not come out openly, clearly and unambiguously against it, you can’t lead our energy and natural resource advancement.


12. If you are for pork, earmarks and wasteful boondoggles, you are not serious about economic recovery.

13. If you were for the individual mandate and you still don’t understand how the small c communists are using tyranny to crush the free market, you can’t command the turning around of the ship, because you don’t have a firm grasp of the waters.

14. If you are not conversant on Fast and Furious, East Anglia, ACORN/SEIU, OWS, the Blank Panters voting booth intimidation case, recess appointments, czars and czarinas, Solyndra, the Himalayan icecaps…you can’t possibly understand where the threats to liberty, freedom and the Constitution lie. You can’t understand the tyranny and fraud…you can’t combat it. Being an out of touch cornball won’t cut it.

15. If you are a conspiracy nutjob, a “truther” or you see an “inside job” for 9/11, or for your rise and fall in the polls, you don’t have enough of a grasp on reality to do anything of importance. Like lacing up your own shoes.

16. Being shrill, thin-skinned, strident, loopy, getting into spitball fights and acting in a puerile manner shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind, if you are a Presidential candidate. Anyone can get irritated. Turning it into a diva vendetta is not for the leader of the free world.

17. Being a cheap shot artist, a guy who hits below the belt or has his lackeys and minions do it for him, is not only unseemly, it’s disgraceful. It cheapens you, the process, and the office for which you are running.


18. If the first instinct that comes to mind is “grow up”, “get a grip”, “chill”, “tone it down”, “ratchet it back”, “you’ve got to be kidding”, “are you serious”, “what did he just say”, “did you mean that”, virtually every time you open your mouth, your candidacy is on the wrong track.

19. If I can’t trust your handshake, I don’t want your signature. You want to form a contract with the voters, don’t spout empty platitudes and give us your verbal resume. I don’t care what you did in 1984, I want to know how your going to prevent us from living out the real life threat of “1984”

20. Don’t make a speech, make a difference.


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