A Great Resource For The 2012 Elections

Over the weekend, commenter “newrouter” suggested that we publicize those running in the various congressional primaries this year.

I’ve been looking at various ways of doing that, because I think it’s a very good idea. However, I think that, given the size of staff that I have at my disposal–which is basically Me, Myself, and I–and the fact that the situation is still very fluid with candidates filing, candidates dropping out, and on top of it, redistricting in many states, it would be far too difficult and time-consuming to try to post a huge master list of all 435 House races and the candidates, and all 33 or more Senate races and those candidates. And if I did manage to come up with such a list, keeping it updated all by myself would be the next best thing to impossible.


But fear not! Conservatives are self-reliant, or should be, so I do have a solution.

While I was looking for all the information on the elections, stubbornly trying to do it all myself, I ran across a website that has the whole thing already set up in a Wikipedia-like format, for all 50 states (not to say that President Obama was wrong, but I can only find 50 states, not 57 like he says), including not only Congressional races, but also state legislature races, local ballot measures and lots more. It looks like a very good resource, and I’ve personally already bookmarked it.

So, without further delay, I give you Ballotpedia! I’m sure you can find just about anything you need to prepare for the 2012 elections there, except for hard-hitting conservative opinion… and you can get that here.


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