Mumbly Peg While Iran Builds the Bomb

With Leon Panetta recently announcing to Iran the three month window for Israel to assist them in being appropriate as a member of the world community, then going mum, it reminded me of a game that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn played, called mumbly peg.


The game is essentially the precursor to jackass, you throw a knife as close to your foot as possible, until one of you throws it into your foot and you win.

It is usually played with two players testing their mettle. The Obama administration, however, has Israel playing the game alone.

Every time Bibi hurls the knife closer to Israel’s foot, Obama and his henchmen say it’s not close enough.

Caroline Glick meticulously outlines each toss of the knife at Obama’s insistence in her essay titled, “Fool Me Twice” at Townhall.

Rashid Khalidi’s favorite dinner partner (what WAS on that tape that the LA Times is holding hostage), will not be satisfied until Israel has thrown the knife into its own foot and perhaps even chopped off a couple of toes.

That’s one way to “win” the game.

The other, is for Israel to stop playing.


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