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Obama Edict on Abortion Leaves No Room for Freedom of Conscience

I’m with Ace on this — Barack Obama is an arrogant moralist. And his absolute view of morality is one that I don’t think any previous president has shared. Through ObamaCare he has imposed a demand on religious institutions that defy their beliefs and consciences, in forcing them to provide contraceptives and abortions.


Catholic organizations are Obama’s primary target. And some of them are not bowing to the king.

At least three Catholic bishops have said they will not comply with the mandate the Obama administration put in place recently in Obamacare that will force religious employers to pay for birth control, contraception and drugs that may cause abortions in their health care plans.

The Obama Administration issued a statement re-iterating the “contraceptive mandate” requiring all insurance providers cover the full range of FDA-approved drugs and devices would remain intact. This mandate, originally proposed in August, includes drugs that work after conception to destroy life rather than prevent it. The statement included a postponement of one year for religious groups that do not already carry contraceptives and additionally would not be exempted under last year’s narrow definition of “religious employer.”

The mandate not only violates such existing conscience protections on abortion such as the Hyde/Weldon Amendment (in so far as Plan B and Ella are covered), but also violates the principles of the Church Amendments which protects conscience rights for those who object to contraceptives and other services on moral or religious grounds.


Simply put, Obama doesn’t care about mainstream Christians. If he did, he would not do what he is doing. He knows that his edict violates the consciences of millions of Americans, Catholic  as well as Protestant. And he does not care. He has revealed himself as a man of faith of sorts, though, in serving the left’s most cherished sacrament: Ending the lives of “unwanted” innocents.

Maybe he’ll care in November, when Catholics hopefully vote en masse to kick the abortionist tyrant off his throne.


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