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I Recall Seeing a Chevy Volt in New Hampshire

See what I did there with that headline? Government Motors won’t like it.

Here’s a little vignette that might tell us much about the difference between the mainstream media and the rest of us. As I’m walking into Newt Gingrich’s townhall at Public Service New Hampshire in Manchester, I am behind a pair of MSMers, a man and a woman. The two are chatting about the event and the fact that it’s a Republican candidate, and the woman mutters something about “crosses and swastikas.” The man just chuckles. No bias to see here.

As we’re walking along the sidewalk towards the PSNH building, we pass a Chevy Volt owned by the utility. It’s parked just outside PSNH’s doors, with signage accompanying it touting its wonders. It’s plugged in just in case you miss the obvious message and name, that this is an electric car and not a gas burner.

The man in the MSM pair in front of me looks at it, gets an awed expression and says “Hey, that’s a Chevy Volt we just passed. Cool!”

My reaction: The Volt is the ultimate government car, and its presence outside a public utility company just locks that down. The Volt was built by a government-owned company mainly to sate a government desire to socially engineer a “green” energy outcome. It was pitched by the president himself, but like most of his programs it’s unworkable for the average American. At about $40,000 (subsidized) the Volt is one of the most expensive cars on the market. For that high price, you get a tiny car that is impractical for most American families, but for those of a certain political bent it’s a public sign of their piety. Despite Ralph Nader’s silence on the matter, the Volt also appears to be unsafe; whether it’s unsafe at any speed is open to debate.

But hey, cool. Right?