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Iranians Saved, Iranian Regime Humiliated

The Iranian regime has waged war on us for 33 years, and kills Americans every day.  Their leaders warn that if American warships sail into the Gulf, they will attack us.  Meanwhile, when innocent Iranian workers are taken hostage by Somali pirates, they are freed by…American warships in the Gulf.

Just think how many innocent Iranians–tens of millions of them held hostage by that evil regime–are dreaming of being freed.  They hope we will help them.  But Obama won’t do it.  He wants to make a deal with the pirates in Tehran.  And, sadly, he is doing terrible damage to the greatest force for freedom in the world, the American armed forces.

Ask the Iranian hostages who are now free, thanks to an American warship, which by the way is commanded by an American woman, Commander Jennifer Ellinger.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei must be gnashing his teeth.  His regime is based on hatred of women and hatred of America, and now some American woman in uniform comes along and frees Iranians–which his regime had failed to accomplish.

The next time Commander Ellinger encounters Iranians in the Gulf, it might not be so friendly. No wonder the regime spiked the story for a day…