What do Conservatives Want?

I just posted a perhaps too lengthy article (3,652 words) at my blog looking at some of the basic agreements and disagreements among conservatives and at the impacts they may have on the elections this November.


There are more substantive agreements than disagreements but at least a few of the disagreements are deeply rooted and could affect adversely the outcome of a close election. I hope they won’t. As noted in the article,

There currently appear to be only a few substantive issues as to which there is enough dissension to ease President Obama’s way to reelection. None of those issues are sufficiently crucial to the well being of the nation to justify that result. Many of us desire many things but are unlikely to get them all. I would like to be healthy, happy, well to do and twenty years younger with no loss beyond the detriments of age of what I now enjoy. If required to choose, I would prefer happiness first, good health second and a bit of material wealth third; I would concede that riches and finding the fountain of youth are highly unlikely and settle for only the first three in moderation. We have to make similar choices in politics and the Bill Buckley rule is a good one: select, support and vote for the most conservative candidate who is likely to win. Even a modest conservative resurgence will be far better than continuing on the present steeply downward trajectory.

The most important thing is to get started halting the mess creation that has long continued and then to roll it back.



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