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Video: Perry Goes for the Outsider Mantle, Hopes for 'Surprise' in Iowa

Gov. Perry appeared on Fox last night opposite Kimberly Guilfoyle. He promoted his plan to turn Congress into a part-time job, which to this Texan sounds like a very good idea. Difficult to implement, but worth trying. Less time in Washington should equal less time to make mischief. The part-time Congress idea also figures in Perry’s latest ad now running in Iowa. We do have a problem of people getting elected to Congress and then behaving as if they’re part of some aristocracy. Making them part-time would fix that, and fewer of the more megalomaniac types would be attracted to political office in the first place.

For an allegedly inarticulate person, Perry seems to get through this interview deftly as Guilfoyle moves from one topic to the next, covering economic policy, the Texas record, Obama’s regulatory state, and needling The Five’s Bob Beckel for not knowing that Perry was a volunteer who flew C-130s in the US Air Force. He also hammers President Obama for failing to honor our troops returning from the war in Iraq with a parade.


Perry also addresses the ballot situation in Virginia:

PERRY: Obviously the Virginia situation is a very difficult one for everyone. When there’s only two people that were able to get on the ballot that tells you that there may be a structural problem in the Virginia process. That’s one of the reasons that we filed suit against them. You know, I don’t want the hundreds of thousands of people that are my supporters in Virginia to be disenfranchised because their party mechanism has made it so hard to be on the ballot…It ought to be a substantially simpler process in Virginia…

In other news, Rick Perry watches The Five. It’s one of Fox’s best shows and always entertaining, but for me at that time of day it’s usually a toss-up between The Five and SportsNation. The Five doesn’t always win.