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Ron Paul Makes a Fool of Himself - and His Supporters

You’ve got to love Ron Paul. The libertarian congressman from Texas has always been the odd one out. Nobody has ever taken him seriously – and, considering his ideas, quite logically so.

Although every rational commentator finds it more than appropriate that Paul is pretty much ignored by the mainstream media – or was ignored by them – Paul himself sadly disagrees. He has pumped millions into Iowa, hoping to win this non-contested state; he’s airing attack ads aimed at Newt Gingrich, accusing his rival of “hypocrisy,” and his little minions are swarming all over the Internet in an attempt to sell his libertarian gospel to voters.

When you’re begging the media for attention, chances are they will eventually give it to you.

And that took Paul somewhat by surprise.

When he was asked by CNN about his racist email newsletter, Paul simply tore off his microphone and walked away, arguing that this was the umptiest time they asked about it, and that he had had enough.

Paul got testy at this point and responded “I never read it, I was aware of it ten years after it was written…CNN does this every single time.”

Borger asked rhetorically whether the repeated questions were “legitimate.”

Paul finished off the exchange with “When you get the answer, it’s legitimate you take the answers i give,” then he removed his microphone and left.

Well, dear congressman, guess what? You’re running for president. You’ve got to explain just about every single thing you ever did – or other people did in your name. The fact of the matter is that you made close to a million dollars off of your newsletter in 1993 alone. You can say you “read it occasionally,” but only the extremely naive would actually take your word for it. Especially because you failed to distance yourself from the racist content of these newsletters, until you were forced to do so by those darned, critical journalists.

The funny thing? Instead of “teaching the media a lesson,” you’ve actually taught observers all they need to know about you. Thanks, I guess.