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They Did the Dirty Deed

The terrorist killer of Americans, Hezbollahi commander Daqduq, has been handed over to Iraqi control by American armed forces, as I predicted.  Typically, news of this disgusting act of appeasement of Iran (where Daqduq will undoubtedly show up in short order) was dribbled out on a Friday afternoon.

There are those who believe that this is final “payment” for the release of the American hikers taken hostage by the Iranians.  I don’t believe that.  In my experience, the Iranians never deliver anything until they have been paid in full.  But it’s a plausible theory, and underlines the important fact that in hostage cases, the Iranian regime does not act out of humanitarian motives, but following payment of ransom.

Finally, there is nothing new in our release of captured terrorists in Iraq.  We’ve released hundreds of captured Iranian members of the Revolutionary Guards, and they’re back in the homeland, living the dream under Ahmadinejad and Khamenei.

And folks wonder why Iran doesn’t fear us…

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