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Could a Romney/Gingrich or Gingrich/Romney Ticket Unite the GOP?

Romney/Gingrich or Gingrich/ Romney? — Could this be the ticket for 2012?

Certainly there is recent historical precedent— Ronald Reagan battled George H.W. Bush in 1980 before a Reagan/Bush ticket was successfully formed and John Kerry fought John Edwards in 2004 before their union was solidified

Then, in 2008 after a brutal primary fight many Democrats, especially women, were hoping for an Obama/Hillary ticket. But the scuttlebutt was (if the ticket had been formed) Mrs. Obama did not want the Clintons, especially the Mrs. hanging around the White House deflecting attention from the new king and queen.

So is it probable that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, currently at each other throats providing colorful sound bites for Team Obama’s future campaign commercials, could eventually join forces, help unite the Republican Party and become the GOP ticket in 2012?

Is this the best ticket to lead a nation that is trying to “right” itself and stop the trends toward national and global decline?

Their skill sets and personalities could not be more different, but they could blend together and become a formidable force of constructive change.

Both Romney and Gingrich are experienced, qualified to be president and for a divided party, represent the marriage of the establishment and conservative wings, something that is necessary if the GOP is to survive in its present form. But does such a ticket make sense no matter who takes the top spot?

Let’s examine each ticket’s strengths and weakness:


Strengths for Romney

According to Real Clear Politics Romney is losing to Obama in a general election match up by only 1.6%, which is a virtual tie.  What makes Romney weak in a Republican primary makes him stronger in a general election.

Romney, considered a more moderate Republican, would be able to attract disgruntled independents away from Obama nationwide and especially in battle-ground states. Romney looks and acts “presidential” and he will present himself as a cool unflappable alternative to the ultra cool Obama.

As a former CEO with management and problem solving skills, Romney knows the business of America is business and makes the argument that his executive experience will help him create a business climate that will lead to job growth, and turn the economy around.

A Romney administration would inject confidence into the business sector with policies that would allow business to lead us out of our economic slump while government takes a back seat.

Weakness for Romney

If he does manage to win the nomination, the conservative base of the party will still not trust him. Thus Romney would spend much time trying to win them over, and maybe in the process turn off more moderate voters. Romney also has a “Mormon problem” and depending on which poll you look at, his faith would have an effect on whether some Americans feel comfortable pulling the lever for him.

Strengths for Gingrich as VP

In the general election, Newt would help rally the base while taking on the role of Romney’s attack dog against Obama. Then, after the election is won, Gingrich could be best utilized as Romney’s “Man on the Hill.”  Once he and Romney agreed on a legislative agenda, Newt would sell it to the Hill and work the back rooms until passage was achieved.  Additionally, Newt in the VP role could be designated as Romney’s chief lobbyist, architect, and national pitchman, helping to shape, build, brand and sell a Romney/Gingrich legacy to the people.

Weakness for Gingrich as VP

Is Gingrich the “bomb-thrower” even capable of being someone’s #2?  Would Romney trust him as his VP? Would Gingrich go off the reservation and start acting like HE was president? Could Gingrich represent President Romney? All these questions must be answered if Romney chose Gingrich as his VP.

Gingrich/Romney ticket

Strengths for Gingrich

In a general election Gingrich could help attract Hispanic, Catholic, and conservative voters. As the presidential nominee, former Professor Gingrich would “teach” voters why our nation is heading off the cliff and how he is the man to fix it by the sheer force of his personality, his new programs and policies.

As President Franklin Roosevelt had the New Deal in 1932, President Gingrich would have the Newt Deal, and then take Capitol Hill by storm. Unlike President Obama who left Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in charge of shaping and passing his agenda, Gingrich would be extremely hands on.

Gingrich as president would also be hell bent on saving America from moral and economic decline here and around the world. He just might succeed.

Weakness for Gingrich

In the same Real Clear Politics poll cited earlier, Gingrich loses to Obama by 8.6%.  There is concern that Newt Gingrich could alienate the great middle of American voters. Additionally, the press would be attacking him non-stop about his colorful past and career in general.  Think of President George W. Bush’s negative treatment in the press, only worse, and that is what Gingrich could expect. The election coverage could be all about Gingrich personally, rather than the issues and that is good news for President Obama

Gingrich, as a presidential candidate and then as president could make the nation even more politically polarized than it is already.  Also, Gingrich could potentially give our global friends/allies and enemies many sleepless nights with his reputation for unpredictability and lack of a diplomatic filter.

Strengths for Romney as VP

Romney would be a calming force on Gingrich, the nation and the world.

If Gingrich gave Romney the task of turning around the economy and being the ambassador to the business community on Main Street and Wall Street, Romney would be a great asset to President Gingrich.

Weakness for Romney as VP

Romney might have trouble taking direction from Gingrich especially if they clash on the economic agenda where Romney believes he knows what is best. Then if the past is any indication, chaos could rein supreme under a Gingrich-led ticket and during a Gingrich Administration.  Romney could find himself very frustrated and wonder why he agreed to the VP slot to begin with.

Could this marriage work? Will it even be considered? Stay tuned for 2012 is almost here and all we know for sure is expect the unexpected.


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