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Soros Flying Monkeys Attack PJ Media

I once had an officer in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy confide to me one of the deepest held secrets of the conspiracy – that David Brock is really a right wing mole with the singular mission of making progressives look like fools.  That he gets to burn through the money of convicted felon George Soros to pay the salaries of people like Matt Gertz makes his mission all the more delicious.  Media Matters spews drone-like nonsense to trick unwitting left wing mobs who then do silly things.  In the meantime the rest of us get to laugh at them.


Sorry, David, I’ve been good up to now not letting your secret out.  I’ve never mentioned your work.  But I break silence today.

Gertz, an officer in the Corp of Flying Monkeys, has a story at Media Matters going after Bryan Preston and me for reporting on Holder’s sop to disaffected civil rights activists.  See, his Justice Department has filed only one Section 2 case to protect racial minorities since the inauguration, and I brought it.  Making matters worse for their spin, the Bush DOJ approved the start of the case.  Lefties like Barbara Arnwine are furious, and not just at the Prince Georges Police Department who raided her house and seized burglary implements that may be owned by people living there (of course without the knowledge of Arnwine, of course). They are mad at Holder for inactivity when compared to Bush voting rights enforcement.

Brock never talks about their fury because the drones won’t want to hear it.  They might turn on their own, including the Flying Monkey Corp.  (rhymes with “core”).

Soros Flying Monkey Gertz claimed it was false to say “Holder Announced DOJ Would Oppose Electoral Integrity Measure[s].”  Guess it depends on what the definition of “oppose is.”  Read the Holder remarks and you decide his views on Voter ID.  Also ask why no case has been brought by this DOJ to enforce Section 8 of Motor Voter to clean up voter rolls in states and counties with more voters than living citizens.


Moreover, political appointees at DOJ have a professed unwillingness to enforce laws like Section 8 of Motor Voter designed to prevent voter fraud.  This unwillingness was stated in my presence along with dozens of others and nobody at DOJ has ever denied it happened, because they can’t.  Others have testified under oath it happened.  Others testified investigations were spiked.

Then Flying Monkey Gertz went after Bryan, saying it was false to say Holder “openly rejected election integrity.”  Guess it depends on what your definition of “rejected” is.  Ask Texas what they think. Ask Georgia.  But when you oppose Voter ID, when you object to ensuring that only U.S. citizens are voting in American elections, sounds like the label fits to me. 

Add another to the long line of Media Matters’ laughable falsehoods.  Sorry, David, to blow your cover. 

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