Debate Open Thread: Newt in the Bullseye

ABC is hosting tonight’s GOP debate from Drake University. Newt Gingrich gets his turn as a bona fide frontrunner, so the guns will be turned mostly on him. But he’ll face fewer of those guns, as Herman Cain is out of the race and Jon Huntsman didn’t make the poll cut. Gingrich says come what may, he’s going to stay positive. Romney will have to climb off Mt. Olympus and engage in the fray more than he has had to in any previous debate. Stumbles by the top two could still open the race up again for the trailing candidates.


ABC’s Dianne Sawyer and George Stephanopolous will moderate, which means once again the GOP’s candidates will face a true political opponent among the moderators. Stephy got his jump to the national stage working in the Bill Clinton White House, and has been known to engage the Obama White House on daily strategy conference calls.

Consider this post an open thread. Steve Green is drunkblogging. I’ll be lurking around, and will post a wrap up after the debate.


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