AG Holder not Sworn In Under Oath; Uses Opening Statement to Call for More Gun Control

Attorney General Eric Holder is currently on the hot seat in front of the House Judiciary Committee about Operation Fast and Furious. He’s the only witness.


Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa asked that Holder be sworn under oath, and Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith refused, saying Holder received a letter reminding him of his responsibility to be truthful and was therefore “deemed” to be under oath. So what happened? Did Holder refuse to testify under oath? If he’s going to tell the truth why should it be an issue?

He used his opening statement to call for more gun control and try to deflect any and all blame from himself or the department.

He even went so far as to claim his department came forward to reveal Fast and Furious. Which is true enough, but the men who did have been retaliated against in major ways.

He also tried to deflect the blame for the death of Brian Terry, saying the death is being used to score political points.

He also said last weeks’ Friday docudump, which threw nearly 1,400 pages of documents at Congressional investigators, “belie the idea the operation originated” with upper management.

So they’re throwing the field agents under the bus, typical.

Holder isn’t under oath because he has been prevaricating from the beginning of his opening statement.


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