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Transvestites in the Girl Scouts and the Justice Department

Over at PJ Media, there is a piece called The Depraved Girl Scouts by Cassy Fiano.  It describes how the Girl Scouts have adopted the next big thing, that gender is merely a subjective state of mind.  The Girl Scouts have allowed boys who think they are girls to join the organization.  As an Eagle Scout, I am quite thankful the Boy Scouts of America will have nothing to do with this sort of thing.  But the Girl Scouts aren’t adopting this policy in a vacuum.


Even the taxpayers are paying for their own Justice Department under Eric Holder to advance this agenda.  I describe details in my book Injusticehow the DOJ sued a New York school district and forced them to accommodate transvestite boys who wanted to wear mini-skirts and high heels to high school.

The DOJ also participated in a “Transgender Day of Remembrance” on November 18 (exactly one week after what used to be known as “Remembrance Day”).  Your federal tax dollars were used to promote the event at the Justice Department, which was advertised throughout the hallways with fliers and more.  If you haven’t yet been exposed to the philosophical framework that seeks to destroy ancient notions of male and female, now in the Girl Scouts, behold your own taxpayer funded “Justice Blog” describing the event, and the philosophy:

On Thursday, over 50 Department of Justice and federal government employees gathered at the department to observe the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to celebrate the courage and honor the memory of victims of anti-transgender discrimination and violence.  The keynote speaker was Diana [nee David] Flynn, Chief of the Appellate Section of the Civil Rights Division, who offered a presentation about the ways in which the Civil Rights Division and other federal agencies have been working to end all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender, including gender identity and expression. . .

Transgender individuals – meaning people whose gender identity or internal sense of being male or female is different from the gender marker assigned to them at birth – face enormous odds.  . . .  Most federal laws, however, do prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, and the Civil Rights Division has been actively exploring ways in which the Department can use these laws to address discrimination against transgender individuals.  For example, the Civil Rights Division’s Education Section has participated in a number of cases involving the harassment of students because of their real or perceived failure to conform to sex stereotypes.  . . .  Although the “sex stereotyping” theory is the most well-established avenue for securing protection for transgender people against discrimination, the Civil Rights Division is committed to exploring all viable arguments that can be made to ensure equality under the law for all people, irrespective of gender identity and expression.


Ponder again the human arrogance of this statement above: “people whose gender identity or internal sense of being male or female is different from the gender marker assigned to them at birth.”  Assigned by whom?

The Girl Scouts discussed in today’s PJ Media piece are but one manifestation of a concerted effort to destroy values and norms which have guided civilizations since the dawn of time. Your taxpayer funded Justice Department is another.  Nobody is suggesting that people who are born male but think they are female should be subject to abuse and violence.  But that is a false choice.  One can protect individual rights without adopting a radical gender twisting agenda.  They even confess above in their Justice Blog that the law does not entirely support their philosophy, but they are pushing ahead anyhow.  This lawless characteristic is prevalent inside DOJ, as I describe in my book.

The federal government need not adopt and use taxpayer funds to push an agenda with which the overwhelming majority of American families disagree.  But that is exactly what is happening, and the public needs to know all about it, particularly in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa where it will be very unpopular.






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