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I Really Don't Get What Any of These Campaigns are Doing

This is probably not something an opinion journalist should admit, but the top three GOP campaigns are baffling me right now.

Today in an interview with Jake Tapper, Newt Gingrich picked a bizarre and pointless fight over abortion terminology, describing pro-lifers who believe that life begins at conception as “ideological.” In other words, political. Not based on science, not based on their deeply held religious or moral convictions. That would include, among others, the church to which Gingrich has recently converted.

Why pick this fight? Seriously, why?

Not be outbaffled, Mitt Romney is touting the endorsement of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. The campaign sent out an email about it and everything. Remember her? She only became a senator because her father, who had held the seat since the Crimean War, got elected governor and handed her the seat. Then, when the GOP voters decided to back Tea Party conservative Joe Miller in the primary, Murkowski bolted the GOP and got elected via write-in. So you have in one person, establishment, not conservative, anti-Tea Party, and nepotism narratives. Great score, Mitt!

But the most baffling moves of the day surely belong to Herman Cain. Everyone knows he’s “reassessing” his campaign and is likely to drop out. He’s having a meeting with insider supporters tomorrow to tell them, before he tells the public, what he intends to do. That’s a little odd, but whatever. My question is, why is he sending out this email?

Dear Friends and Supporters:

One of the most precious times of the year is here — and we want to invite you to join Herman Cain, and his family, in celebrating the holidays with the rest of America.

We are going to distribute a special videotaped holiday message, and want to invite you and your loved ones to be a part of it.

The good thing is, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, your office or your neighborhood to send your short video message our way.

The instructions for shooting and uploading your submission are attached below.

The message itself?

(1) A direct to camera holiday wish, with all the warmth you can muster, selected from the following:

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Seasons Greetings
Happy Hanukkah

(3) Anything you’d like to say in support of Herman Cain as America’s next President — limited to 30 seconds or less.

From the beginning, this campaign established a new tradition — that the race for President should be about you.

That’s just the way Herman Cain wants it.

Shooting your Holiday message:

1. Get out your Smartphone, camera, computer, or webcam, and record yourself saying one or all of the above messages.
2. Email your video clips to [email protected]
3. Upload your video clips to our cloud by going to www.vgicloud.com>
Username: happy
Password: holidays
(Both are case sensitive, enter as above.)

Click upload, choose your file, submit, and done!
For questions please email us at [email protected]

And why did they launch that sickening “Women for Cain” web site?

Seriously, why?