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Andrew Breitbart: Master Comic

Besides being the mogul behind the Bigs, Andrew Breitbart has a comic skill perhaps only surpassed by Michael Graham among conservative funny-men.   Where Graham’s comedy is calculated and nicely built, Breitbart’s comedy has a “flying without-a-net” feel.  He unloads rhetorical mayem without mercy, often unintentionally and rarely scripted.  Some of the funniest lines from Righteous Indignation involve things he was “permitted” to do in college, but I won’t repeat them here.

Earlier this year, Breitbart unleashed a conservative comedy masterpiece at the True the Vote summit in Houston, Texas.  PJ Tatler’s own Bryan Preston introduced Andrew.  King Street Patriots sponsor True the Vote and the video of the event is at last posted at King Street Live here.  Enjoy if you want (or need) some laughs today.