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Report: Cain Accuser Will Break Her Silence

There are two strikes against this right out of the box. One, the report is coming from Radar Online. And two, the accuser has apparently hired Gloria Allred as her attorney. Allred was last seen trying to take out Meg Whitman’s run for governor in California. If anything, Allred’s involvement may help Cain sell the idea that the left is trying to take him down.

A new woman alleging sexual harassment by presidential hopeful Herman Cain will break her silence at a news conference with her powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred Monday afternoon in New York City, is exclusively reporting.

The embattled GOP nominee has admitted that several women who worked at the National Restaurant Association during his tenure as president of the organization received settlements. Politico has reported that the settlements were given because of sexual harassment allegations.

After the debate on Saturday night, Cain had a brief clash with reporters over the allegations. I was with bloggers in the blog lounge, where questions stuck to policy and, as a result, the five minutes we got with both Cain and Gingrich were fairly ho-hum and didn’t really break any new ground. Cain’s meeting with the MSM was a bit more heated.

“We are getting back on message, end of story. Back on message. Read all of the other accounts, read all the accounts, where everything has been answered in a story. We’re getting back on message.”

Cain obviously wants to get back on message, but he’s going to get at least one more day of having to swat at these allegations. And if the Radar story is accurate, we’re getting both a name and some specifics aired for the first time.

Update: The allegations are starting to damage Cain’s run.

Allegations that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain sexually harassed women in the 1990s have begun to damage his bid for the White House, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found.

The poll showed the percentage of Republicans who view Cain favorably dropped 9 percentage points, to 57 percent from 66 percent a week ago.

Among all registered voters, Cain’s favorability declined 5 percentage points, to 32 percent from 37 percent.

The survey represents the first evidence that sexual harassment claims dating from Cain’s time as head of the National Restaurant Association have taken a toll on his presidential campaign.

A majority of respondents, 53 percent, believe sexual harassment allegations against Cain are true despite his denials. Republicans were less likely to believe they are true, with 39 percent thinking they are accurate.