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Flip: Romney Reverses Tuesday's Reverse on the OH Public Employee Union Reform

I guess we have three symbols available to capture the essence of the Romney campaign so far: A dolphin (Flipper), a chameleon (for changing from blue to red and back again as the moment suits), or a windsock. Just going with the breeze.

Mitt Romney sought to overturn his controversial comment on unions Wednesday, saying he supports Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) “110 percent” in limiting collective bargaining power.

Romney, during a visit to a GOP phone bank in Ohio Tuesday, earned the ire of conservatives when he indicated he would not take a stand on Ohio ballot Issue 2, which seeks to overturn Kasich’s legislation limiting the collective bargaining power of government union workers.

He had taken just such a stand on his facebook page in June, but standing in the midst of a phone bank supporting the initiative on Tuesday, he failed to support it. Today, he’s clearing that all up.

“I fully support Gov. Kasich’s Question 2 in Ohio,” Romney said at a campaign stop in Virginia Wednesday. “I’m sorry if I created any confusion there.”

The measure is struggling in the polls. Perry came out supporting it strongly on Tuesday. Had Romney done so, it might have energized the effort to pass it. Now he’s a day late and showing everyone the flip-flopping Mitt Romney that’s so infuriating.