Rolling Stone: Hillary Clinton Staff Is "Controlling and Paranoid"

A new Rolling Stone article out today titled “Inside Obama’s War Room” largely applauds the Obama administration on its handling of Libya.

However deep inside the article is a very unflattering portrait of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The key passages:


“According to veteran officials at State, Clinton installed the most controlling — and paranoid — staff they had ever seen. ‘They do things like not release her schedule to us, like it’s top-secret, even though other secretaries of state had been doing it for years,’ says one official.

“‘For a while, it was like ‘Spy vs. Spy’ says another.

“Hillary would have her people, Obama had his, and they were keeping tabs on each other.'”

A State Department official has rejected the profile, calling it extreme, as would be expected.

The author is Michael Hastings, who got Gen. Stanley McChrystal fired with his earlier Rolling Stone article, “The Runaway General.”



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