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For All Those Who Are Saying The Iranians are too Smart to Have Done This Thing

A little reminder.  They do it a lot.  Over a year ago I called attention to a 2007 plot to blow up JFK Airport.  The trial was on in the summer of 2010 and guilty verdicts were subsequently delivered.  As you will see if you read my post, we captured one of the conspirators as he headed for “the holy city of Qom.”  I guess blowing up American airports is now part of religious training in Iran.

I’m grateful to all those who wrote to congratulate me for “predicting” Iranian terrorism in the U.S., but I’m an historian, not a fortune teller.  It’s laughable to see all the “experts” pontificating that the story about the latest plot couldn’t be true, because the Iranians do not do this sort of thing.  They have done precisely this sort of thing.  And there are other similar events that have never been publicized.  Maybe the FBI will see fit to talk about some of them.

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