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Top House Democrat Wants You to Know that Gridlock is Your Fault, America

Your fault. That’s what Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) says about Congress’ inability to get anything done.

The Maryland Democrat said voters are “absolutely right” to think that “Congress isn’t working very well.” But that dysfunction, he said, is largely of their own making.

“The American people have every right to be angry [and] disappointed by the performance of the Congress,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. “Of course, the American people have also elected people with hard stances, so that to some degree the American people are realizing the results of their votes.

“If elections have consequences — which I think they do — some of those consequences are getting what you vote for,” Hoyer added. “In this case, many people voted for people who thought compromise was not something that they ought to participate in.”

In response to the economic downturn and deficit spending, voters last year sent scores of Republicans to Capitol Hill with a mandate to fight rising debt.

So…basically, Hoyer is blaming us for not letting people like him spend even more of our money. It’s your fault that Steny Hoyer can’t reach his liberal hands even deeper into your wallet.

That’s blame I’ll happily take. Sometimes — most times — the best thing the government can do is to do nothing at all. Activist government produces monstrosities like RomneyCare that morphs into ObamaCare. Activist government pushes all sorts of bright but bad ideas on an unsuspecting public, and criminalizes today what was perfectly legal yesterday, for no good reason.

Government gridlock is good. More, please.

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