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Rick Perry's Post-Debate Remarks

As Moe Lane points out in the Part I post, there is quite a difference between the Rick Perry we see in debates and the Rick Perry who deals directly with the people.

As I watched Twitter watch the debate last night I saw a lot of angst about the field and the fact that Romney seems to be the only one who does well in these things. Given that almost all of the debates are hosted by very liberal-leaning media outlets and the questions range from sophomoric to absurdly skewed to embarrass any real conservative candidate, it’s not surprising that Romney is comfortable with them.

Yes, I would like to see Perry go after Romney with more gusto. At this point, I’d like to see anybody in the field go after Romney. It seems like the GOP/RNC machine is spiking the water at these debates.

Here is the link to Part II of Perry’s remarks.

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