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Chris Christie Says Romney is a "Man of His Word"

I don’t mean to pile on Romney today, but his and Chris Christie’s statements are begging for responses.

Asked if he would consider being the vice presidential candidate on a Romney ticket, Christie said he anticipated finishing out his term as governor of New Jersey, which ends in 2013.  “Now is the time for me to help fix the problems in New Jersey,” he remarked. He does plan to help Romney as much as he is able to on the campaign trail.

Speaking about what a President Romney would do, Christie strongly asserted that Romney was a “a man of his word.”

Which “word” would that be? The one who declared he was pro-choice because a close relative died of an “illegal abortion?” Or the one who contradicted himself in the space of about 10 seconds on the Boy Scouts? Or the one who declared that he was an “independent” during the years of Reagan-Bush?

Or the one who has been on both sides of just about every major issue of the past few decades?

Here’s the rub. Mitt Romney’s selling point is not intellectual consistency. Never was. I recognized that when I backed Romney in the 2008 primaries. Romney’s selling point, and it’s a strong one, is competence. He has a strong business background. He saved the Olympics. Etc. Stick to that and Romney is still a better choice than Obama, who is by turns incompetent when we need competence and hyper-competent when it comes to enacting destructive policies. Of course, Romney isn’t the only, or probably even most, competent competitor in the primary. Cases can be made that both Cain and Perry are more competent in business and government, respectively, and both are more intellectually consistent.

Christie has chosen to back Romney, which is fine. But between this “man of his word” line and the “intellectually dishonest” line regarding fairly comparing ObamaCare to RomneyCare, Christie is insulting the intelligence of anyone who is paying the slightest attention.