The PJ Tatler

Inside the Democrat Mind

The modern Democratic mind must be a hall of mirrors on the inside, within which it’s out of bounds to question law officers who have clearly broken the law, while it’s fair game to persecute CIA officers who have not. In the Democratic mind it’s fine to sit and listen to a racist pastor week in and week out for 20 years and borrow his sermons to title your books, but it’s dangerous to go anywhere near a rock that might have had a bad word on it, even though you painted over that word as soon as you could. In the Democratic mind it’s fair game to go after and kill a US citizen who is propagandizing against the United States, but it’s out of bounds to water board a non-citizen who has planned and carried out lethal attacks against the country. In the Democratic mind, children can get abortions and HPV vaccines without parental consent, but they can’t go get a tan at all. In the Democratic mind, goofy hippie protests with union backing that have descended into bizarre anarchy get a “God bless them” from Nancy Pelosi, while protests by mainstream and Main Street Americans to roll back the power of the government are “astroturf” led by “terrorists.”

And actual acts of terrorism? Silly, those are just “man-caused disasters.”