Al Gore Still Thinks It's Fun To Pretend

The science is settled. As long as you can keep faking the evidence, that is. Al Gore’s latest attempt to lull everyone into a coma so that he could seem credible, the Climate Reality Project, was a 24 hour Internet broadcast which claims to have had millions of viewers. Well, millions of people also get high every night in front of their computers too. Happy accident?


The Climate Reality Project’s website features a condescending video called Climate Change 101 which is suppose to prove that skeptics are idiots because they don’t understand high school physics. After careful examination, however, it would appear that Team Gore is up to its old tricks. Of course, this isn’t unusual for a man who received both an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize for just sort of winging it through An Inconvenient Truth.

One would think that the man who invented the Internet would be smart enough to know that there are millions of people out there who can spot doctored video…

(h/t The Telegraph UK)


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