Martha Zoller Launches Bid For Congress

I’m a big fan of Martha Zoller. She is a conservative’s conservative and a real light in the world of talk radio. So I’m ecstatic that she is running for Congress in Georgia’s 9th District. From her press release:


Martha Zoller, the popular radio talk show host from Gainesville, filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission today to run for the newly created 9thCongressional District covering northeast Georgia.

Zoller, a long time conservative voice, is wildly popular with grassroots Republicans and Tea Party leaders across Georgia. A formal campaign kick off event will be announced soon for later in September.  A temporary campaign website has been launched at

Martha laid out a clear vision for why she is running in saying: “I have been involved in radio for 15 years now, not just giving my opinion, but helping my listeners analyze the critical issues of the day. Most importantly, I have given people a chance to be heard.”

“Talk radio has given me incredible opportunities to see the greatness of America.  I have broadcast everywhere from Georgia to Washington, DC, to Iraq, talking with people from all walks of life.  Everywhere I go I hear the same thing – people are fed up with the political games in Washington and the professional politicians who pay lip service to their constituents.”

“I know the games the politicians in both parties are playing.  The games that have us $14 Trillion in debt, with 9% unemployment, and our country threatened all around.  The games of telling us what we want to hear at election time and just ramming more of the same down our throats once they’re in power.”

“I am not running to just speak for myself.  I am running to give a voice to all the moms and dads and hardworking American tax payers who are saying loud and clear – enough is enough!”

“I am running for Congress to be north Georgia’s conservative voice in Congress.  It’s time for Washington to hear us!  It’s time that we make them listen!”


Martha Zoller is the real deal, a strong and courageous conservative who would change Washington for the better. She is both principled and media savvy, a combination that will make her a potent force. Georgians would do very well to send her to Congress.


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