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Michelle Flaunts $42,150 Worth of Diamond Bracelets At NYC Fundraiser

First the trip to Spain, the lunching with the royals, then the summer vacations on the Vineyard and now…$42,150 worth of diamonds around just one of Michelle’s wrists  A year’s salary for someone who’s employed.  Yes, but who cares?  Not the President or his First “Lady.”  Come and get me, Attack Watch, but this is ostentation not merely squared, but to the nth degree.


Have they no shame?

Or taste?

Why not a tiara?  Why not a crown?  Why not two, one for each?  Why not four, one for each of their daughters?  Reason not the need.

I’m not suggesting the First Family go around in sackcloth and ashes, or rend their garments.

But anyone can see that Michelle Obama is making every former First Lady who ever drew fire for her extravagance look like Little Orphan Annie by comparison.

Is there no one in Obamaland  with the the chutzpah or the judgment to say, “Not such a great move in a recession with higher than 9.1% employment Mr. President”?   Evidently not.

According to today’s London’s Daily Mail:

Michelle Obama dazzled in true First Lady style at the DNC fundraiser this week, her left wrist dripping with diamonds as she supported her husband at the party event.

In total, she sported an astonishing $42,150 worth of bracelets to the New York Democratic Party dinner.

Designed by Texas-based jeweller, Katie Decker, the three white gold cuffs glittered and sparkled, catching the spotlight as she spoke to the high-powered audience.

The First Lady, 47, chose to wear Miss Decker’s Lotus cuff, with 2.9 carats of diamonds, costing $15,000, the Gothic cuff with 2.17 carats of diamonds, costing $15,350, and the $11,800 Quatrefoil bracelet with 1.73 carats of diamonds to the Gotham Hall event.


And so they waltz their careless, blinkered way down the same garden path once trod by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette — all the way to the guillotine. In ascending order,  have they no PR savvy?  Do they know no history? Most important of all, have they no decency?

Richard M. Nixon had a point in 1952 when he talked about a “respectable  Republican cloth coat.”

And the dream will never die.  Until Election Day, 2012.











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