We're Already in a Double Dip Recession Says...Soros

George Soros has gone off the White House message. Get a load of Dr. Evil’s thinking here:

Asked by CNBC if he believed the US risks falling into a double-dip recession, Soror [sic] said: “I think we are in it already.”

“We have a slowdown and basically a conflict about whether the rich ought to pay taxes to create jobs or not and there was a deal in the making which would have balanced the budget over the long term, but would have allowed short-term fiscal stimulus, which would have been the right policy,” Soros said in an interview late Wednesday.

“That was rejected, it fell apart… so it will come to the electorate next year to decide what they want,” he added.


The “rich ought to pay taxes to create jobs”? Huh?

The rich and the rest paid some taxes to “create jobs” at Solyndra. How’d that work out for us? We paid and will pay a whole lot of taxes, generations foward, to keep unemployment below 8.5%. How’d that work out for us?

Not well. Not well at all.


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