New "Sorry Everybody" campaign: Apologize on Obama's behalf to the President of Mongolia

Remember the “Sorry Everybody” campaign during the Bush era in which Americans were encouraged to apologize to the world for having such an idiot president?


Well, time for an update. As we noted yesterday, Obama embarrassed himself — and, by extension, the rest of the nation — by holding up his hand and blocking the face of Mongolian president Tsakhia Elbegdorj during a photo shoot at the UN:

So far, the White House has not yet issued a formal apology to Mr. Elbegdorj. So let’s take the matter into our own hands and apologize ourselves!

This page allows you to send emails directly to the Mongolian President:

Since Obama won’t apologize for his gaffe, we must apologize for him.

Please use the form to write a respectful letter of apology to President Elbegdorj, explaining why you think Obama felt it necessary to insult the leader of a sovereign nation.

…And of course, feel free to re-post your apology letter here (just like in the original “Sorry Everybody” campaign)!


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