Update: LightSquared 'Corrects' The Record by Not Responding Directly to the Charges

See Richard Pollock’s work on the LightSquared scandal here.

LightSquared’s CEO has released a statement blaming “special interests” for the burgeoning scandal involving that company and the Obama administration. The statement also discusses LightSquared’s efforts to gain approval, going back into the Bush years. While political connections are factoring into the story, the heart of the scandal is whether someone within the Obama administration pressured Gen. William Shelton to downplay his concerns that LightSquared’s technology would harmfully impact the military’s GPS tech. And related to that, whether LightSquared was given Shelton’s testimony in advance. Shelton says yes, he was subjected to such pressure, but as of yet has not specifically named who pressured him. LightSquared’s statement does not address that charge or address whether it received Shelton’s testimony in advance.


More at Ace of Spades.


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