It Begins: Obama Should Quit

This morning, John Fund was on WMAL-AM, the talk radio powerhouse in Washington D.C.  He mentioned that nobody in Democratic circles is defending Obama anymore.  Buyer’s remorse is everywhere.  Essentially, only those actually working for the Administration or Democratic Party, trapped inside the Alamo, are defending the fort now.  Anyone can guess when they might start turning the guns on each other, perhaps starting from Foggy Bottom.  Fund thought there is a chance that a “committee” of senior Democrats might go to Obama in a few months and tell him it might be best not to run for reelection.  Who knows.  At least the disappointment would be bi-partisan if that happened, with White House loyalists and the GOP both upset Obama wouldn’t be on the ballot in November.


Then Andrew Breitbart over at the Bigs has the same observation as Fund:

I predict a tectonic shift among American Jews and within the Democratic Party if Obama doesn’t quietly retire. All the spinning in the world can’t spin away the trend of Scott Brown, the Tea Party victory of November 2010, and now the Turner earthquake.

Many Democrats are awakening to the reality that their party has been hijacked by a radicalism completely unfamiliar to their parents’ and grandparents’ Democratic Party.

An internal, partisan civil war is now brewing in that party. What I think tonight is less important than what Joe Lieberman, Bill Clinton, Evan Bayh, and the rest of the former, and now defunct, reasonable wing of the Democratic Party is thinking tonight.

Granted, it’s early, and one bad night in Brooklyn does not an LBJ make.  But there is no mistaking the sense of failure creeping over this Presidency after so much Hope.


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