Gore's "Climate Reality Project" Starts Its Windmills

Okay, I tried, I really did.  If you go to the Climate Reality Project website, you can listen to a live feed, currently by an LA schoolteacher named John Zavalney, talking here from Boulder.


No, I don’t know why he’s transmitting from Boulder instead of San Pedro.  Have they run out of Internet in California?

Anyway, he’s listed in the bio as a “science expert”, based no doubt on his bachelors degree from West Liberty State College (now West Liberty University), famous for having the best dental hygienist program.

Wait, now they’ve got an actor, a grad student, Al Gore, and … a cupcake shop owner?

Oh my God, this is awful.  This guy is speaking statistical nonsense … and he’s trying to sell record highs this summer as a sign of warming.  As a massive cold wave is chilling the whole country.

Listening to it, though, I just realized what it really sounds like (what? 10,000 years of stable climate? No Little Ice Age, no Medieval Warm Period, no red wine grapes in Roman Britain? Anyway….) What it sounds like is the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  Weepy emotional appeals to the “only planet we have.”


I’m holding out for Al Gore to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Pop over to Anthony Watt’s Watts Up With That blog, where there is a running liveblog and comments, including links to counter-evidence galore.

(Apparently Al is here in Boulder.  We’re expecting snow down to about 10,000 feet and near freezing temperatures.  Not unknown in Boulder in mid-September….)


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