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Ira Stoll Skewers Paul Krugman


In one of his wittiest and most trenchant posts on the odious Paul Krugman, the luminous Ira Stoll in www.futureofcapitalism today takes note of a blog by the Princeton professor and New York Times columnist, who wrote that, “The memory of 9/11 has been irrevocably poisoned; it has become an occasion for shame. And in its heart, the nation knows it.” Krugman concluded his blog by informing his readers that his blog would be closed to comments.  Now there’s a stunning  example of his respect for a free exchange of ideas.  As Stoll writes,

It’s probably not worth using up one of your 20 monthly free page views to go look at the actual post. To me, though, almost more amazing than Professor Krugman’s shame is his position on allowing comments. If he believes that “in its heart, the nation knows” that it is ashamed, why not allow comments from all those readers who want to say, “you know what, Professor Krugman, you are right, I am ashamed to be an American on September 11, thank you for voicing what I knew in my heart”? Actually, his refusal to allow comments amounts to a confession that he’s wrong.

Also worth remarking upon is the arrogance on display. “I’m not going to allow comments.” As if the decision on whether to allow readers the chance to react to Professor Krugman’s shame rests with Professor Krugman and Professor Krugman alone. Here I am commenting regardless of whether Professor Krugman “allows” me to or not. The only thing he can control is whether some of the commenting happens on the New York Times Web site or whether it all happens somewhere else.

And here’s another comment for the egregious Krugman on yet a second website: What kind of American would even think such a thought, much less publish it?  A shameful one, one who should be forever ashamed of himself and shunned by every American patriot around the globe.  That’s what kind.