The Worst Part of Obama's Jobless Speech

The worst part of President Obama’s jobless speech wasn’t that the bulk of its proposals — building roads and bridges, hiring more teachers — would end up helping the unionized segments of the labor force at taxpayer expense. The worst part wasn’t his engagement in class warfare within about a minute of explicitly decrying class warfare. The worst part wasn’t the idea to inject federal dollars into private companies in the form of hiring incentives and tax breaks. The worst part of the president’s speech was the total irresponsibility the president had on display. President Obama ordered Congress to pass a bill it has not seen because he has not sent it to them, and he won’t send it to them for another week. Yet he repeatedly scolded them to pass it anyway, sight unseen. He then said the $450 billion in new spending would be “paid for” but never spelled out how. Instead, he punted, handing the job of figuring out how to pay for it over to the deficit super committee.


In his two plus years in office, Obama’s extreme profligacy made the super committee come into being. And last night, he made their job nearly half a trillion dollars more difficult, without so much as a sincere “Thank you.”

Who does Barack Obama think he is?


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