Hillary's Secret Diary: Should I or Shouldn't I

3:00 AM   September 8, 2011

Dear Diary:

Should I or shouldn’t I?

Bill says “go for it” because he is itching to be the first First Dude. And can you believe Dick Cheney is sending me signals to run? He also said on ABC News that I am the most competent person in Obama’s cabinet. Darn right I am!


Thanks for the reality check, Dick.

Cheney said I should have won the nomination in 2008. Hey Dick, not just won the nomination, everyone wishes I were president!  Now I know how Al Gore feels everyday. It never gets any easier; in fact, time just makes it worse.

What really ticks me off is Obama entered the Senate in January 2005 and announced he was running for President in February 2007. This is after I had been working my butt off for 8 years in that mad house of prima donnas.

In the Senate they called me a ‘work horse” while Obama was a “show horse.” But I know show horses win and then burn out fast, while work horses have staying power. That’s me!  Miss Staying Power!

Dear diary, so what do I do now?  Start an “I told you so” campaign? Or have friends send Obama clips of President Lyndon Johnson announcing he would not seek his party’s nomination in1968?  Do you think President Obama would get the hint, or suspect I was the instigator?

This I know, I will not contest him. The only way I will run is if the nomination is handed to me… out of respect. I refuse to go to bars and chug whiskey or cry on cue.  Been there, done that.

I am too old to fight another primary season, but I am the perfect age to be president!


Some nights I dream about the Democratic National Convention as my coronation; the coronation I never had. Boy was I robbed!  Besides, I want to save all the fight left in me for the general election and take on one of those handsome governors. Are those guys hot or what?

Or maybe I’ll resign from State and endorse either Romney or Perry in 2012 just because I can!  Hah!  Wouldn’t that show Obama who’s boss?  After all, I started off as a “Goldwater Girl” in 1964, and maybe it’s time I return to my Republican roots. Damn it, my roots are in the White House!

Once again, it’s back to should I or shouldn’t I?

Note to self:

Call Dick Cheney tomorrow. Maybe he has some ideas about how I can run as a Republican. Strike that. Am I really that desperate to be President?

Yes I am!  But time is running out for this old work horse.

Look, it’s 3:00 AM and I’m going to give Cheney a wake up call right now.


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