A Drinking Game For Tonight's GOP Debate

Here’s a more amusing way to watch the Republican presidential candidate debate tonight at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.

(By the way, reserve a spot for the Reagan Library on your list of “places to visit before you die” because both the setting and the museum are spectacular.)


Background Note: Today’s 30 year olds were born when Reagan took office in 1981. That would be as if, when I turned 30, all the Republican candidates were still talking about President Eisenhower. (Just something to think about for a political party that must attract more under 30 voters in 2012.)

So here are the drinking game rules to watch Rick Perry’s “coming out” debate:

1. Gather all your friends into two teams – Team Ronald Reagan and Team George W. Bush.

2. Choose the adult beverage of your choice.

3. Whenever a candidate invokes the name of Ronald Reagan, Team Reagan takes a swig.

4. Whenever a candidate invokes the name of George W. Bush, Team Bush takes a swig.

Probable Outcome: Team Reagan will be singing We Are the Champions within the first 20 minutes of the debate and Team Bush’s name will change to Designated Drivers.

Have fun, and remember Reagan’s famous words when you play this game or the great game of life, “Trust, but verify.”




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