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Shooting in Carson City: Two of the Three Killed Were National Guardsmen in Uniform

Three confirmed dead, the gunman is apparently still alive despite having turned the gun on himself. Fox has reported (and the AP confirmed) the disturbing fact that two of the three killed were National Guardsmen in uniform, raising the possibility that this was an act of terrorism connected to the 10th anniversary of 9-11.


Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong said a gunman armed with an automatic weapon opened fire inside an IHOP restaurant about 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

The alleged gunman’s wounds were self-inflicted and he remains alive at a local hospital but was unlikely to survive, Furlong told reporters at a press briefing.

At least two of the people killed were “military folks,” Furlong said, but he gave no further details to any military connection. There was some confusion over the number of wounded; at the briefing Furlong at first said six were wounded, but later said the gunman was in addition to those.

Attacks on uniformed military members by freelance jihadists within the US have become more common over the past couple of years.

Flashback: Gun store owners in Killeen, TX foiled a jihadist attack on Ft. Hood military members in July.

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