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You Mean, This Isn't a Hoax? #georgelucasisanidiot

I saw this “new” clip from the upcoming re-release of the Star Wars movies earlier today on Ace’s site and dismissed it. It’s just too easy to do mash-ups now. Someone somewhere with enough time on their hands has already subbed in every famous James Earl Jones movie line for Darth Vader’s in Star Wars, making for one of the funniest mash-up clips ever (language alert). This “new” clip is clumsy and lame by comparison. Surely it’s not the work of the folks at Skywalker, right?

Here, supposedly, is George Lucas’ new bright idea: Let’s take the risible “Nooooooooo!” from Revenge of the Sith and crassly slap it into the scene when Vader tosses the Emperor down the well. Oh, spoiler alert if you’re one of the three people on earth who haven’t seen Return of the Jedi.

I can’t watch that clip without laughing. But it’s legit.

Then on Tuesday, an online report by Devin Faracisuggested a revelation almost as troubling as the news that Luke and Leia had been brother and sister all along: in a climactic scene from “Return of the Jedi,” when Darth Vader hurls the evil Emperor to his demise on the Death Star, he would now shout “No!” (In all previous versions of “Jedi,” Vader has committed this crucial deed in silence.)

On Wednesday, a press representative for Lucasfilm confirmed that this change will be included in the Blu-ray release, writing in an e-mail: “Yes — Darth says NO.”

That’s just hacktastic.

(h/t Hot Air, Ace)