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Wanted: Alcoholic Truck Drivers

A while back, Hans von Spakovsky reported that the DOJ had a job announcement for lawyers and specifically encouraged attorneys with mental retardation and mental illness to apply for Civil Rights Division jobs.  We saw no evidence in our Every Single One series that any such lawyers were hired by the Holder Justice Department.  Now comes this from Hans Bader: Obama’s Equal Opportunity Employment Commission is encouraging alcoholics to apply for jobs driving eighteen wheelers.

The EEOC is now demanding that trucking companies like Old Dominion Freight Line not only hire and employ “recovering” alcoholics, but also to allow them to continue working as interstate truckers rather than being assigned “to a less safety-sensitive position.” The EEOC notes that recovering alcoholics are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And as anyone will tell you, there is no such thing as a former alcoholic.  This sort of madness from the federal government is enough to drive you to drink.